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For most of our monthly meetings we are fortunate to have a guest speaker who provides an interesting presentation on varied topics. Of these, some presentors are kind enough to allow us to keep their presentation and you can find them below.

The Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group does not take responsibility for the contents of these articles.

2nd Febrauary 2024 - Andrew Joshi: PCa Treatment at RBH

Andre Joshi compares the treatment of Prostate Cancer in the UK and Australia. Click here to see the Presentation.

3rd November 2023 - Steve Allen: PCa treatment pathway

Steve Allen took a fresh look at at the treatment pathway for Prostate Cancer Click here to see the Presentation.

2nd June 2023 - Andrew Doggart: Prostate Brachytherapy

Andrew Doggart gave a very informative talk on Radiotherapy in general and more particularly Brachytherapy. Andrew is the Principle Physicist at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Head of Brachytherapy having started the service around 20 years ago along with the urologist and oncolgists. Click here to see the Presentation.

14th April 2023 - Anant Sachdev: Prostate & Prostate Cancer

A most comprehensive talks covering Myths, The Prostate, Prostate Cancer pathology, Symptoms/Diagnosis, Family History/Black men, Protection/prevention factors, and Treatments Click here to see the Presentation.