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Tessa Higgins

Online Exercise Classes

Tessa Higgins

We all know that exercise is important for our physical health, but it also gives great boost to our mental health, especially important in these stressful times of Covid-19 restrictions. With busy lives and lockdowns, it can be difficult to go out to organised exercise activities such as sport or gym, so an online exercise class may be just what you need. Fellow members of the RPCSG have been joining in on Tessa’s online classes since March last year and find them very beneficial.

Before the coronavirus occurred, exercise classes were held in gyms but now the classes are by Zoom three times per week:

  • Mondays (Muscle oriented);
  • Wednesdays (General exercise and aerobics);
  • Fridays (Flexibility session).

All sessions start at 2.00 p.m. and last for about one hour.

Classes are £20 per month for unlimited classes.

See Tessa's Presentation

Tessa gave us an excellent presentation inn the March 2023 meeting. Click here to see it.

What Do I Need to Do to Join?

Email or call Tessa to express interest:

  • Email -
  • Mobile - 07968631938

Tessa will send you an email with questions on your health + guidelines for taking part in the classes.

Once you send the email back, she will call you on the phone to check everything is clear and then send you a link to join the classes.

Tessa Higgins has been trained by Macmillan Cancer Support and CanReHab UK.