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Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group

The Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group was started in January 2007 by the Royal Berkshire Hospital. It is fully supported by the Urology Unit and staff.


Membership is entirely free and currently has around 125 registered member along with many of their partners. Some keep in touch for many years while others stay a short time to gather information before continuing with their chosen life-path. Most meetings are attended by 50 to 70 people, often with spouses and partners, to hear first hand what is happening in specific areas and keep up to date. Perhaps the most valuable part of being a member is the opportunity to receive personal support from other members on the same or a related treatment path.

RPCSG Committee

The group is managed by a committee of elected members who meet regularly. The key aim of the Committee include ensuring good support for all members undergoing diagnosis and treatment for Prostate Cancer.

The current Committee has around a dozen members who willingly, in fact enthusiastically, share their skills, time and effort to ensure the best local and national speakers are booked, social events are organised and sponsors are attracted and involved.

Click here to see a copy of our Constitution

Current Committee Members

Steve ParkinsonSteve Parkinson

Pharos Editor, Acting Secretary

Phone: 0118 978 5268
Beverley SkeltonBeverley Skelton

Medical Liaison Officer

Steve AllenSteve Allen

Awareness Officer

Phone: 0118 926 6747


Richard JoyesRichard Joyes


Alex MilesAlex Miles

Social Secretary

Andrew GabrielAndrew Gabriel

Meet & Greet

Phone: 0118 357 7435
Peter DawePeter Dawe

Poster & Leaflet Distribution

Nigel BoothNigel Booth



Support - Non Committee Members

Meetings and Awareness

If you need any help you can call us on our new phone number: 0118 357 0482. You will be put through to one of our support team. For more information, see our Contacts/Support page. We will update this information if anything changes, so please check here again from time to time.

A new email address has been created by Beverley Skelton, the groups nurse support. She is aware that the CNS team are being redeployed onto wards and it can be harder to contact them so has set up this address for anyone who has questions. This is NOT to be used for urgent information as she is working on the wards and will hope to check it daily but this may not be possible. It can be used for information requests of a non urgent nature. Please ensure you give your name and a little information so she can give advice.


As with many male orientated medical conditions, Prostate Cancer is fast becoming well known and discussed. Most people going through a treatment regime suddenly find out how many friends, relations and work colleagues have or are also going along the same path. We hope this continues and becomes as well known, understood and acknowledged as breast cancer.

The group is fully committed organising and supporting public events to help promote the awareness of Prostate Cancer.