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Bill Bailey kicks off       >>>         Men United vs. Prostate Cancer

Monthly Meeting - Friday 2nd March 2018: Meeting and AGM CANCELLED

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the March meeting and the AGM due to the bad weather conditions. If you want to contact us, please check out the Contact/Support page on the website.

MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL are a research unit who run clinical trials in cancer, including prostate cancer trials. They have got some interesting developments that you might be interested in.

STAMPEDE Trial – On Wednesday 1 November 2017 1.15pm – 2.00pm, they'll be running a Twitter Q&A session about the STAMPEDE trial - with the hashtag #BeatProstateCancer. They want to raise awareness of prostate cancer research, and share how the STAMPEDE trial is improving prostate cancer treatment, enabling men to live longer. They’re really keen to hear questions and comments from people who have experience of prostate cancer and its treatment. You can read more about the Q&A here. If you are on Twitter, and want to join, that’s great; you can ask us a question or share your thoughts by using the hashtag #BeatProstateCancer. If you're not on Twitter, you can email in questions or thoughts in advance to They’ll publish a summary of the Twitter Q& on their website afterwards, so you’ll be able to read the answers there.

PROMIS Trial – Working with Prostate Cancer UK, they’ve just produced a film series about one of their trials, PROMIS. The trial was looking at better ways to diagnose prostate cancer. PROMIS found that using an MRI scan can improve prostate cancer diagnosis, because it allows doctors to identify men who don’t need to have a biopsy. This means that 25% of men could avoid the painful procedure. Two of the films are aimed at clinicians, but there’s also a short film aimed at patients. You can find the videos here on their website.

The aim of the Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group is to provide a support group for men suffering from prostate cancer, and their wives and partners. We achieve this by offering information, support, help and advice, and a social setting in which group members can converse at regular group meetings and social functions.

The information that we - the RPCSG - have is based on the experiences and treatments of other members, but you should of course see a consultant for treatment specific to you.

We hold regular meetings and social functions, and events to promote awareness of prostate cancer in the community. We work closely with staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. Many of our members first attend a meeting after diagnosis and before treatment, and found advice and experience very helpful in this confusing time before treatment.

We warmly welcome new members - Please note that Membership is FREE - and their partners, who are invited to either attend one of the monthly meetings, or to contact a support member on the telephone numbers found on the Contacts/Support page.

We arrange several events during each year, and hold monthly group meetings, at which we have professional guest speakers who give presentations on topics relevant to prostate cancer. These meetings also give the opportunity of social interaction between members. A regular Newsletter is sent to members.

The Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group has been running since 2007 and has a membership of more than 120 male and female members, many of whom attend our meetings - often with their family. Our meetings are held in the early evening on the first Friday every month. The Committee work to ensure that we have the chance to hear presentations by well-respected professionals on topics of interest to the group.

Meetings are held next door to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, just a short walk for those receiving and providing treatment. Hence we attract many of the top professionals in Berkshire, some may even be treating you. In addition we make a point of inviting speakers from around the country together with specialist nursing professionals who often take a lead to get things known and shared.

Finally we take time to find where new treatments are heading so progress can be understood in layman's terms and the news shared by all as diagnosis and treatment awareness of prostate cancer continue to improve.

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