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To call for immediate support please go directly to the Contact/Support page

Covid-19 Update: 07/09/2022

Now that most of us have been vaccinated and Covid-19 restrictions are no longer mandatory, all of our live meetings, social events, coffee mornings and walks are back to normal.

Although we are holding live meetings at the hall again, but we are still offering Zoom access when possible if you would prefer not to attend in person, or if you find it difficult to get there. Times and Zoom login details will be included in your email invitation. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please send an email to, or contact any committee member - see our contacts page.

If you need any help you can call us on our new phone number: 0118 357 0482. You will be put through to one of our support team. For more information, see our Contacts/Support page. We will update this information if anything changes, so please check here again from time to time.

A new email address has been created by Beverley Skelton, the groups nurse support. She is aware that the CNS team are being redeployed onto wards and it can be harder to contact them so has set up this address for anyone who has questions. This is NOT to be used for urgent information as she is working on the wards and will hope to check it daily but this may not be possible. It can be used for information requests of a non urgent nature. Please ensure you give your name and a little information so she can give advice.

PCUK FAQ on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK provide a very useful FAQ on Covid-19 and prostate cancer Prostate Cancer UK FAQ on Coronavirus which is being updated very frequently with the questions that the PCUK specialist nurses are being asked. Even if you looked a while back, you might want to check it again if you have some new questions.