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Forthcoming Events

4th September 2021: Awareness Event in Broad Street near to Marks & Spencer

Previous events at this location have been a great success. If you would like to help, please contact any member of the committee.

Previous Events

29th June 2019: Awareness Event in Broad Street near to Marks & Spencer

We held an awareness event on the 29th June which was a great success. The pitch was close to Marks & Spencer on Broad Street in Reading. This day coincided with the Armed Forces Day in Reading and as expected we had more people than usual to be around.

23rd March 2019: Awareness Event at the Broad Street Shopping Mall

We had a very successful event in the Broad Street Mall (The Butts as was) - our best ever! Many thanks to everyone who took part.

Social Events

5th July 2019: Summer Social

The meeting on the 5th July was our Summer Social. This was held in St Andrews church hall. As always this was very enjoyable and everyone who attended has a great time.

Wot No Pictures!

Previously we included pictures of these events, but it is not practical to ask everyone who may be shown in the photos for their permission to publish their image on our website. Given the constraints of the GDPR, we feel it is safer not to show pictures publically.