Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group Chairman: Ted Goodhew

Royal Berkshire Hospital - Nursing Support (0118) 322-5111


This page provides rapid access to Reports and Books on Prostate Disorders to be read at leisure.

To kick this off we provide a link to the vast supply of reports available to purchase from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Our intention is to gain access to a good range on UK based material aimed at the layman and to this end a request is being sent to the BMJ. In addition the consultants at the Royal Berkshire Hospital will also be invited to name some readily accessible material for our group.

Click Here to link to a Page with selected Video Links related to Prostate Cancer and all published on YouTube to date.

You can see the PowerPoint presentation from our September 2018 meeting here .

As part of a growing archive copies of PHAROS our own monthly Newsletter will be added to this page for easily access and printing at home if you so wish. Below you will find a set of recent back copies. Do contact the Newsletter Editor direct with feedback and/or ideas for topics to explore and report on.

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